Don't Let Language Learning Hold You Back: Master Any Language with Personalized coaching and mentoring!

My program customizes language learning to suit your goals, preferences, and style, empowering you to map out your own path to fluency and achieve lasting results. Unlike traditional tutoring, I focus on giving you the tools and know-how to learn independently for the long haul. With years of experience, I help you avoid ineffective methods and focus on what really works, saving you valuable time.

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Do you feel stuck learning a new language? You’re not alone.

Maybe you've invested time and money in classes, or perhaps you’re learning on your own. Millions of adults face similar struggles. Do you feel frustrated, discouraged, or at a dead end? We’ve all been there.

Hello! I'm Michael, your language coach and mentor.

Like you, I faced the challenge of learning English to reach my goals. Where I lived, we often had visitors from English-speaking countries, but I found it difficult to communicate with them due to my limited English skills. I started learning English at a language school, but after months, I saw little progress. English felt overwhelming, and I gave up, feeling defeated. But later, a simple gift – a dictionary – reignited my passion. Through trial and error, I discovered methods and strategies that worked for me, and I learned English on my own!

Now, I speak Spanish, English, Haitian Creole, French, and Brazilian Portuguese, and I'm currently diving into Turkish because I'm fascinated by its sound and beauty.

This program reveals a different approach, developed by a multilingual coach and mentor who understands your difficulties.


Research-Based Approach: Unlike traditional methods, I focus on teaching you how to learn. You’ll gain tools to organize yourself and become an independent learner. My approach is based on several pillars supported by extensive research in Second Language Acquisition:

  • Solid Foundations: I explain the principles of Second Language Acquisition in an easy-to-understand way.

  • Proven Strategies: I teach you learning strategies and techniques with a strong research base.

  • Personalized Learning: I guide you to organize your learning and develop a plan that works for your unique learning style and goals.

Proven Results

  • Over 7 Years of Experience: For more than seven years, I’ve been passionate about language learning. I’ve evolved from teaching to coaching and mentoring, always seeking the most effective methods.

  • Real-World Proven Program: My program isn't built solely on my experience. While I speak five languages fluently, I knew that wasn't enough. To truly create a transformative program, I explored in detail Second Language Acquisition (SLA) theories, time management strategies, and the techniques employed by successful polyglots. I didn't want to simply replicate my own learning journey; I wanted to build a program based on empirical evidence. That's why six years ago, I created free coaching programs to test these theories and techniques with real learners. The results were phenomenal, with participants making significant progress.

  • Success in All Contexts: I've been hired to coach and mentor employees at a company, and their communication skills have improved significantly, I've also coached, mentored, and taught countless one-on-one learners from different countries.

  • Multilingual Experience: My journey of mastering several languages allows me to understand your unique obstacles when learning a new language.

  • Empowering Learners: My approach has always been to equip you with the skills to become an independent learner, ensuring long-term success.

The Frustrating Reality and Why People Struggle: The One-Size-Fits-All Illusion of Language Learning

The world is filled with eager language learners, but their enthusiasm often dissolves into frustration. Traditional methods like schools, online courses, and apps fall short because they all follow a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Standardized curriculums neglect individual needs and learning

    preferences, leading to disengagement and stalled progress.

  • Teacher-centered classes leave students unprepared for self-directed learning, a crucial skill for language acquisition.

  • Traditional methods often bypass critical aspects like efficient vocabulary memorization and pronunciation refinement.

  • Extravagant claims of "foolproof methods" create unrealistic expectations and lead to disillusionment.

The Root of the Problem: Learning Goes Beyond the Classroom

Teachers often focus on teaching techniques rather than the learner's process. True learning happens through active use and immersion, beyond the classroom walls. Successful learners engage in real-world activities like reading, listening, and conversing in their target language. Unfortunately, many educators fail to teach the autonomy required for effective language acquisition.

A renowned education author, John Holt captures this idea perfectly: "Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of the learners." I believe this wholeheartedly and further add that language learning can only be effective if it comes from an understanding of how people learn languages, not just how to teach them.

My Solution: Empowering the Resourceful Language Learner

My program addresses these shortcomings by focusing on the learner's journey. Through experiences and research, I've discovered that limiting beliefs and unsuitable methods are the primary obstacles.

Bridging the Gap: Your Personalized Language Learning Journey

My program empowers you to design your personalized learning path, transforming you into a self-reliant learner. We'll help you:

  • Set Clear Goals: Set realistic goals that align with your purpose for learning the language.

  • Identify Your Learning Preferences: I'll assess your learning preferences and tailor resources accordingly.

  • Develop Customized Strategies: We provide tools and techniques for efficient vocabulary acquisition, pronunciation improvement, and language skills development.

  • Offer Ongoing Support: I'll keep you motivated and on track with continuous support and accountability.

  • Integrate Real-World Practice: I'll help you integrate language learning into your daily life, ensuring practical application and steady progress.

Program Benefits

  • Save Time and Money: Finding the right resources and content to learn a language can be complicated with so many options available. With my personalized approach, I’ll help you identify the resources that best match your learning style, interests, and goals, saving you time and money. Say goodbye to ineffective learning methods. Together, we’ll identify your goals and learning style, select the right resources and methods, and create a personalized learning plan for optimal results. Invest in a program that works and maximize your time and money.

  • Speak with Confidence: Improve your speaking skills with personalized feedback.

  • Autonomy: Learn to set and achieve your learning goals and keep progressing after our sessions.

  • Personalized Learning System: Develop a learning system that fits your style, interests, and goals.

  • Effective Information Processing: Learn to process, organize, and memorize information effectively.

  • Develop Communication Skills: Overcome the fear of learning and speaking another language.

  • Avoid Useless Methods and Strategies: Focus your time and energy on what really matters.

  • Develop All Language Skills: Improve speaking, pronunciation, listening comprehension, writing, and reading.

  • Integrate Language Learning into Your Daily Life: Incorporate language learning into your daily routine in a fun way.

  • Overcome Obstacles and Get Answers to Your Questions: I support you every step of the way.

  • Own Your Learning: Equip Yourself with Skills and Strategies for Lifelong Learning Beyond Our Sessions.

The Language Coaching and Mentoring Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive Resource Repository: Access a wealth of language resources spanning all aspects of language learning, alongside tools designed to enhance your time management skills.

  • Interactive Mentoring and Coaching via Video Calls: In the sessions, I will give you demonstrations of the methods and techniques and how to apply them in your personal learning sessions. We will work together to overcome limiting beliefs and negative emotions about language learning and create a language learning system that fits your goals, unique needs, and situation. I will teach you the principles of effective adult language learning, backed by science and countless success stories. These principles will help you diagnose your language learning journey when you face difficulties or are not making progress. They will empower you to make informed decisions for your language learning that guarantee consistent results.

  • Ongoing Support and Accountability: Receive continuous support and accountability through chat or email to ensure your progress remains on track.

  • Tailored Packages to Suit Your Needs: Choose from a variety of customizable packages tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Who is this program for?

Whether you aspire to become multilingual or have a specific language learning goal you want to achieve within a specific timeframe, this program is tailored for you if:

  • You're exhausted from ineffective methods and feel like you're not making the progress you desire, whether it's becoming fluent in multiple languages or mastering a single language within a set period.

  • You yearn to confidently speak a new language, knowing it will not only unlock job opportunities but also enrich your personal life with meaningful connections and cultural experiences.

  • You dream of using a new language to achieve specific milestones, whether it's landing your dream job, communicating effortlessly while traveling, or connecting with friends and family in their native tongue.

  • You feel stuck in your language learning journey and need the motivation and guidance to keep moving forward toward your goals, whether it's mastering basic conversation skills or attaining advanced fluency.

Book a free discovery session with me to learn more about my Language coaching and mentoring program and get your questions answered. During the session, we’ll talk about:
  • Your language learning goals and aspirations.

  • Any questions you have about the coaching program.

  • How my personalized approach differs from traditional language learning methods.

Additionally, I will give you a demonstration of how the program works.

Don't hesitate to take the first step towards mastering a new language. Book your free discovery session today and embark on an exciting journey of language learning and personal growth!

As a nurse with Spanish-speaking patients and a passion for traveling, I had been wanting to learn Spanish for years but didn't know where to start. That's when I heard about Lingcata and was introduced to Michael, my coach and teacher. With his engaging teaching style and encouragement, I went from knowing only a few words to being able to successfully communicate with locals during my recent trip to Costa Rica. Michael's coaching has been immensely helpful and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and fun Spanish Teacher.

- Melissa Maxwell, USA

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael several years ago. Last year during remote learning when I realized my son needed help with his Spanish class, I knew exactly who to contact. Michael’s patience and diligence would be key to my son’s success. Throughout the tutoring sessions, he provided consistent communication and progress updates. Thanks to Michael’s multilingual fluency, our son made great strides and was prepared to move to a higher-level course. I would recommend working with him to learn a new language or to improve your current skills.

-Consatnace, USA

Your coaching sessions have helped me a lot. You have helped me develop my speaking skills and gain confidence in myself and not be afraid to make mistakes when I am learning. In one of our sessions, you said that listening is the key skill required to become a good communicator: I will never forget that. You have taught me that I don't need to wait for perfection to use what I learn and have fun with it.

Thanks to the methods you gave me, I have learned how to learn and also how to apply what I learn effectively. Thank you for helping me!

-Dulorier Djerry.

6-month group coaching program participant.

Learning a new language was all new to me. Working with Michael made it a fun experience. He provided me with the extra support and tools I needed to be successful in my Spanish class.

-Jalen (USA

Don't take my word for it

Your coaching sessions have helped me gain confidence in myself. During those sessions, I felt comfortable and had the desire to learn more every day. It is not easy to learn a new language, but you have helped me in ways I didn't expect. you taught me how to have fun while learning a language, and to be honest, I did have fun. I'm not saying that I speak English like a native speaker now haha, but I know that I have improved and I notice the improvement every day. Applying everything you have taught me makes me proud of myself. Thank you for helping me.

-Kennie Joseph

6-month group coaching program participant.

Your English language coaching and mentoring program have had a remarkable impact on our company's employees. They have gained confidence and demonstrated significant improvements in diction, grammar, reading, speaking, and writing.

Feedback from our team has been uniformly positive. Your personalized approach, tailored resources, and constructive feedback have been highly praised. Many expressed surprise at their rapid progress.

Working with you has been a pleasure. Your responsiveness, relatability, and dedication to our employees' growth are commendable.

We wholeheartedly recommend your program to others. It's proven to be a valuable investment in our employees' language skills and, by extension, our company's success.

-Julie Browne (USA)

Manager at Destiny Entreprises

In Brazil, we have very little access and incentive to learn English at school. In the job market, however, those who can communicate well in English usually get the best opportunities. For this reason, I decided to study English on my own over the past few years, however, I found it difficult to progress in learning, without having a well-defined plan.

Since I met Michael, I have noticed that he has precious methods and strategies to enhance my proficiency in new languages. With his tips and strategies, I have been able to create a more effective study plan. Besides making the conversations much easier and more relaxed, since he also speaks Portuguese he always manages to help me when I feel difficulty expressing myself in English.
More than a coach or teacher, Michael has also become a friend and encourages me to understand my learning process strategically and more effectively.

- Mariana (Brazil)

  • "I would never trade your language coaching and mentoring for traditional teaching. Your personalized approach is far more effective."

  • "We never thought we'd be able to reach the level we are at with our language skills. Your personalized sessions and resources have exceeded our expectations."

  • "You helped me see things differently; that language learning is not about rote memorization. Learning became enjoyable and meaningful."

  • "This language coaching and mentoring program has allowed us to achieve things that we would have never accomplished by ourselves."

  • "In language schools, they teach so that we can pass an exam, but you teach us for life."

  • "We would never have learned all the things we have in this program if it were a traditional language school."

  • "In school, it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. You use different ways to explain things when we don’t understand. School is boring, and I really like the fact that you hold us accountable."

  • "You've provided us with a variety of resources tailored to our learning style. This has made the learning experience engaging and effective."

  • "You tailor the sessions based on our individual needs and provide us with resources to continue developing on our own time."

  • "You hold us accountable and really guide us to grow in our language skills. The structure you provide has been a game-changer."

  • "You taught me to learn the language by doing something I love. This approach has made a significant difference in my progress."

  • "Now I am not afraid to speak. Your coaching has boosted my confidence in speaking."

  • "Teaching me how to create a language learning plan and schedule has helped me gain focus and structure my learning."

  • "You motivate us in a way we have never motivated ourselves."

  • "This coaching program has fostered more curiosity in me because I like to learn by myself, and I have been able to discover a lot of things."

  • "I didn't learn a lot in school because I was bored all the time. Your way of teaching is better for me."

  • "Your language coaching and mentoring have helped me improve my critical thinking and think faster. It used to take me 3 hours to write a paper; now it takes me 30 minutes. I didn't know that I could write faster."

  • "I hated presentations; I couldn’t even begin one in English. But with practice, it became easier, and I found it interesting."

Employee Voices: How My Language Coaching Program Made a Difference (Survey Findings)