Your coaching sessions have helped me a lot. You have helped me develop my speaking skills and gain confidence in myself and not be afraid to make mistakes when I am learning. In one of our sessions, you said that listening is the key skill required to become a good communicator: I will never forget that. You have taught me that I don't need to wait for perfection to use what I learn and have fun with it. Thanks to the methods you gave me, I have learned how to learn and also how to apply what I learn effectively. Thank you for helping me!

-Dulorier Djerry (Haiti)

Learning a new language was all new to me. Working with Michael made it a fun experience. He provided me with the extra support and tools I needed to be successful in my Spanish class.

-Jalen (USA)

In Brazil, we have very little access and incentive to learn English at school. In the job market, however, those who can communicate well in English usually get the best opportunities. For this reason, I decided to study English on my own over the past few years, however, I found it difficult to progress in learning, without having a well-defined plan.
Since I met Michael, I have noticed that he has precious methods and strategies to enhance my proficiency in new languages. With his tips and strategies, I have been able to create a more effective study plan. Besides making the conversations much easier and more relaxed, since he also speaks Portuguese he always manages to help me when I feel difficulty expressing myself in English.
More than a coach or teacher, Michael has also become a friend and encourages me to understand my learning process strategically and more effectively.

- Mariana (Brazil)

Before Michael, I was trying to learn Haitian Creole on my own through the little resources available, and it was almost impossible to find credible resources for the Haitian Creole language. I was learning, but without Michael, I wasn't able to understand the way Haitian people think, and there was no context to the words and phrases I was learning.
After doing sessions with Michael, I realized it was crucial to understand how to learn a language, and practicing my speaking with him has been so beneficial to my Haitian Creole. I can confidently say he has helped me learn things that I would have never learned on my own. Mèsi anpil (thank you very much), Michael!

-Faith yang (USA)

More Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of learning Haitian Creole from Michael for the past two years. His enthusiasm keeps me motivated and his patience keeps me coming back for more!
We first met when he was working as an interpreter for our team on my first visit to Haiti. After visiting the second time, I knew I needed to learn their language and culture so I asked Michael if he would be interested in teaching me.
Each lesson is fun, and I learn so much! Now that I have been to Haiti six times (and plan to continue going), my trips have been enriched by having the ability to have simple conversations with the Haitian people in THEIR language. Having a better understanding of Creole and Haitian culture has helped me develop relationships and build trust with the Haitian people. Michael has a God-given gift for languages and I highly recommend learning from him!

-Julie Lawson (USA)

Being part of the lingcata program has been pivotal in my role as a founder of a nonprofit operating in Haiti. Prior to my lessons, I knew about 5 very basic greetings in Haitian Creole.
Now at a beginner's level, I am able to read sentences, write, speak and listen with basic knowledge. While I still have a long way to go, I know that Lingcata is the right place for me. Michael truly meets you where you are at with your language learning skills. He is patient and makes you feel comfortable with each lesson. He holds me accountable and motivates me. This has been one of the best investments I have made!

-Marcela Gibbs (USA)

We met Michael on our first mission trip to Haiti in August 2017. After a few trips to Haiti, we wanted to learn the language. Michael asked us if we would be interested in him teaching us after he found out we were looking for a language mentor. Without hesitation, we said yes because of our relationship with Michael.
He is a person of his word and he truly loves people. He said he needed to know our why behind the want. After we talked about it he began to build a language foundation. Every time we had a struggle Michael worked hard to help us through it. After working with Michael we feel like we can communicate in Haiti.

-Tom and Louise (USA)

Your coaching sessions have helped me gain confidence in myself. During those sessions, I felt comfortable and had the desire to learn more every day. It is not easy to learn a new language, but you have helped me in ways I didn't expect. you taught me how to have fun while learning a language, and to be honest, I did have fun. I'm not saying that I speak English like a native speaker now haha, but I know that I have improved and I notice the improvement every day. Applying everything you have taught me makes me proud of myself. Thank you for helping me.

-Kennie Joseph (Haiti)